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Britt Baker Say Doctors In AEW Will Consult Her If A Talent Has A Tooth Or Mouth Related Injury


AEW superstar and former women’s champion Britt Baker recently spoke with Muscle & Fitness about a wide range of pro-wrestling-related topics, including her expanded role within the company, how doctors consult her for any mouth related injuries, and what her journey was like with medical school and wrestling training. Highlights are below.

Says anytime there is a tooth or mouth related injury in AEW doctors consult her:

Anytime there’s like a medical, tooth, or mouth related injury the doctors actually call me to the medical room. The team doctors have me go look at the teeth. I need to, like, renegotiate my contract now that I think about that because I’m like the on-call dentist.

On her journey from med school to pro-wrestling:

I had done four years of undergraduate school and I studied biobehavioral health, and family studies, but then when I was enrolled in the actual dental school, I swear, those exact same couple of months is when I started training (to be a wrestler),” says Baker. “And, it’s about a seven-month-to-a-year training course and then they set you out into the wild (independent wrestling scene), the rest is up to you. They give you the tools to be successful, to have your first match, but then everything else is up to you. Personally, I wanted to keep learning and so I would drive to (wrestling school in) Cleveland twice a week from Pittsburgh, which is a about two and a half hours, one way, after dental school, twice a week, just so that I could learn from two of my favorite wrestlers at the time, (current WWE stars) Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae. Just because, I guess, I am forever a nerd. I always wanna keep learning and studying.

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