All April Brawlhalla Codes – Free Cosmetics


Brawlhalla is one of the top competitive fighters but there are a lot of different skins and monetization in the game. Even with paid items, every month you get the chance to grab quite a few items for free. The April Brawlhalla codes give you exclusive rewards, entirely for free! There are a few different ways to get these codes. To make sure you don’t miss out on anything, you’ll have to use a few different platforms.

The April Brawlhalla codes include some fun new items, great if you’re jumping back in with the new character launch Thea the Speedster. These are all of the April Brawlhalla codes and how you can get everything you can in-game.

All April Brawlhalla Codes

Dark of the Night Bundle – Amazon Prime Gaming

Amazon Prime Gaming will include the Dark of the Night Bundle! This is another perk of the subscription, along with getting Overwatch skins from Amazon Prime Gaming. You can find this one of the April Brawlhalla codes in the Prime Gaming rewards section.

Brawlhalla Code from Twitter – Raven’s Talon Scythe

April Brawlhalla Codes

Source: Blue Mammoth Games

One code available at the moment is available through Twitter. To get this one, log in to Twitter and go to the @proBrawlhalla Twitter account. You can then head to the redemption page to get the free Raven’s Talon Scythe skin.

Brawlhalla Code on YouTube

Another free item is coming from subscribing to the Brawlhalla YouTube page. This is also where you can catch highlights of competitive games for the title, like the upcoming Brawlhalla Dreamhack event. Once you’re subscribed, you can use another redemption page to get the Hraesvelgr’s Eyes Blasters Weapon Skin.

Those are all of the active Brawlhalla codes! We’ll keep this updated if any more free cosmetics get added to the game though.

How Do Brawlhalla Codes work?

April Brawlhalla Codes

Source: Blue Mammoth Games

Codes are a phrase you can input on each account to claim some free items. These are exclusive to one account, there isn’t a one size fits all code to put in to get access to everything in Brawlhalla. Instead, you’ll generate a different one for each person. You can copy and paste the code directly in thot the redemption page to get free items in-game. You can find this in an option in the store for Brawlhalla.

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