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Adam Page Says He Is Tired Of Superhero Movies: “I Just Want To Go See Something Original That Ain’t About Flying Around And Sh*t”


AEW superstar and current world champion Adam Page recently spoke with Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp, where the Hangman admitted to having superhero fatigue, and wishes that blockbusters would become more original like they used to be. Check out Page’s full thoughts on the subject in the highlights below.

Says he is tired of seeing superhero movies:

“Please forgive me if this annoys you or pisses you off. I’m tired of the superhero stuff, man. Every movie is a superhero movie these days… Hey, if you like it, that’s cool. I’m glad you’re probably having a ball these past 20 years, but damn, like, I just want to go see something original that ain’t about flying around and shit.”

Admits that he fell asleep during one of the Thor movies:

“I’ve watched some of them. You know, I fell asleep, I think at the Thor movie,” Hangman Page revealed. “It wasn’t bad or anything. I was just so tired. I just like got home from a trip, and I just couldn’t stay awake. So yeah, I don’t know, man. I’m tired of the superhero stuff. I feel like those big blockbusters that used to come out in the day about just random stuff. They don’t happen anymore. I know Forrest Gump is always people’s go-to but like I feel like they don’t make movies about just some random stuff like that anymore. I miss that. I’m sorry if you’re a superhero person, I’m very happy for you this past 20, but I’m over it. Sorry.”

(H/T and transcribed by WrestleZone).

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