a Deschamps executive comes out of silence on Benzema


Olivier Giroud took the floor, on Canal+, to evoke the case of Karim Benzema. The Real Madrid striker, selected with the France team for the 2022 World Cup, left the group before the start of the competition. This caused the end of the international career of Madrid.

Karim Benzema, Team of France Bleus France

Indeed, the Ballon d’Or 2022 accused the staff of the French team, led by coach Didier Deschamps, of having ousted him too quickly from the group, after forcing him to return to form for the first match. of the World Cup against Australia, which caused an injury to the Madrid player. The entourage of Karim Benzema has particularly badly experienced the extension of Didier Deschamps at the head of the French team, signing the definitive end of the international career of the striker, his relations with DD being too fresh to continue playing. for the Blues.

Giroud was “disappointed”

Accused in particular by Patrice Evra of not having defended Karim Benzema, Olivier Giroud spoke on the subject, denying any tension with the Madrid native and any rejoicing after his hasty departure from the France group: “I wrote him a message as soon as he left, since we couldn’t say goodbye to him and it was sincere and spontaneous. I told him we were disappointed. I was disappointed to see him go. After football, sometimes injuries benefit some people. It benefited me, but I was never seen declaring anything, or saying that I was relieved or happy to see him go. They are always the same ones who try to look for problems in this team when there are none.

Not long ago, Hugo Lloris, just retired from the Blues, made a similar outing, denying that he was happy to see Karim Benzema leave the French team on the eve of the first match of the competition, like some journalists (Daniel Riolo and Romain Molina in particular) entrusted him.

a Deschamps executive comes out of silence on Benzema 24hfootnews.

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