WWE NXT Level Up Results and Videos 8/12/2022 (Two New Debuts)


– This week’s WWE NXT Level Up was taped on Tuesday, August 9 from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Nigel McGuinness and Sudu Shah were on commentary.

– Ikemen Jiro defeated Myles Borne. Jiro did a cartwheel to start and controlled most of the match. Jiro hit his jacket punches, a rolling jacket punch, and the Ikemen Slash for the pin to win.

(Photo Credit: WWE)

– Kelly Kincaid was backstage with Sol Ruca, asking her about tonight’s match with Elektra Lopez. She talked about work ethic and how Lopez is an amazing talent, but Ruca prepares in a different way, so she will be the one to turn Elektra’s world upside down.

– Elektra Lopez defeated Sol Ruca. Ruca is fun and is developing a fanbase, also improving in the ring. Lopez controlled most of the match. Ruca hit kicks and a shoulder tackle, then a nice dropkick. Ruca swept the leg and tried for a standing moonsault but Lopez got her knees up. Lopez followed up with the sit-out powerbomb for the pin to win.

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– Andre Chase and Bodhi Hayward defeated Lucien Price and Bronco Nima. The Chase University team had Thea Hail at ringside. This was the WWE debut for Price and Nima. Chase U continues to be over with the WWE Performance Center crowd. Nima and Price held their own and there was good back & forth offense in the match. Chase got a hot tag and delivered the boot and crossbody from the corner, then the Chase U stomp. Hayward then came in and they hit the Fratliner for the win.

Nima, real name Edwin Grande, and Price, real name Nnamdi Oguayo, were both signed as a part of the same WWE Performance Center Class from March, which also included Roxanne Perez, Fallon Henley, Kiana James, Thea Hail, Sol Ruca, Hank Walker, Arianna Grace, Myles Borne, Gabe Wai, Sloane Jacobs, Sol Ruca, Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo, and current AEW star Cole Karter, who was known as Troy Donovan before being released from NXT earlier this summer. Nima, from Oakland, CA, was a standout offensive lineman at the University of Idaho and Monterey Peninsula College. He also played for the Houston Blues football team during the 2020 Spring League. Price, from Beltsville, MD, played four years on the defensive line for Washington State University.

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Below are videos from this week’s NXT Level Up episode:

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