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Tony Khan Explains Why Shaq Match Is On Dynamite, Says He’s In No Rush To Take AEW Back On The Road, Keeping An Eye On COVID and more


AEW President Tony Khan recently spoke with TSN about a number of different subjects, including how he’s building relationships with other companies, why the Shaq match is on Dynamite, and how he’s in no rush to take AEW back on the road. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

On working with other companies and continuing to build individual relationships:

We’ve been doing it all along. It’s just about the individual relationships. I’ve been open to building relationships outside of AEW since before the first show. [Mexican promotion] AAA has been involved in a major way – the first belts that were ever defended in AEW [at the Double or Nothing PPV in 2019] were actually the AAA Tag Team Titles on our first show. That was a good relationship and is a good relationship, and we have other relationships now that we’ve built over the years. So, really, it’s just about working with the individual companies and the individual talent… I kind of think that’s the key – everybody wants to do it and I think that’s one of the best things about wrestling – when everybody is on the same page and wants to do stuff, it’s generally better.

On having the Shaq match on Dynamite:

It makes perfect sense to do it here and I think it’s a great match for TV to get eyeballs on Dynamite. We have the relationship with TNT and Turner and in planning it, it made all the sense in the world to do it on the TV show and also, I wanted to do the “Face of the Revolution” ladder match [on the PPV] and I thought it would make a lot of sense for Cody to be one of the featured people in that ladder match.

Wants to take AEW back on the road but only when it is safe to do so from COVID-19:

We’re looking at COVID data as far as new infections and the spread of the disease and keeping an eye on it and trying to gauge when it might be safe to return to touring and doing indoor shows, because we’ve really only done outdoor shows for the past 10 months. The whole time we’ve been doing these shows, we’ve never done anything where we felt unsafe. We’ve always felt like we’ve put the fans in a good, safe position outdoors where there’s 99 per cent less chance of transmission between people, putting people in pods, also, and not overcrowding it. I just think I don’t want to do anything now, after we’ve been doing everything right for so many months, and rush to make a bad decision. I think it’s important to do it slowly.

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