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The Young Bucks Hint That AJ Styles Was In Talks To Appear On Debut Episode Of AEW Dynamite


The Good Brothers were joined by the Young Bucks on the latest episode of the Talk ‘N’Shop podcast where The Bucks spoke about the offer AEW made to Gallows and Anderson prior to them re-signing with WWE. While that is information that is already well known, Matt Jackson would reveal that the deal for them to come in involved one more person…someone who they refuse to name.

Matt Jackson: People don’t realize that when we were pitching to have you guys come in, it wasn’t just going to be the two of you, it was going to be another person who I won’t name, but another Bullet Club person who you may not want to talk about.

Matt Jackson later discusses the planned angle with Gallows, Anderson, and the mystery man for the debut episode of Dynamite, which would have saw the Good Brothers tease a Bullet Club reunion with the Bucks before laying them out.

Matt Jackson: When we were originally going to do Dynamite, we were going to debut at Madison Square Garden. After the match, three of you, not just the two of you, the three of you were going to jump the guardrail and we were going to have like a Bullet Club reunion. We were gonna throw up the too sweet and then the three of you were going to jump us and make us bloody and destroy us and then we were going to be off to the races. And it obviously didn’t work out. I remember the first guy in this conversation we’re talking about right now, he buzzed us and he’s like ‘I just got too good of an offer, and I would have never got the offer without your guys offer, so I just wanted to say thank you.’

While he’s never mentioned by name…the Bucks are most likely referring to AJ Styles, who signed an extension with WWE right around that time. The Phenomenal One’s contract was reportedly over $1 million a year, a significant raise due to AEW’s arrival into the wrestling industry.

Check out the full episode of Talk ‘N’ Shop here. (H/T and transcribed by Wrestling News)

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