“Sergio Ramos is burned, he no longer has the level”


Footballer almost failed, I chose journalism because it is the only profession that allows you to criticize those who have succeeded. After realizing my dream of competing in the 2010 World Cup (in the press box), I live from my passion with the transfer window and major sporting events as a second family.

Since his arrival at PSG in the summer of 2021, Sergio Ramos has been in great difficulty, unable to string together matches at the highest level. According to Michel Moulin, former leader of PSG and current president of 10 Sport, the 36-year-old Spanish defender will never be able to regain full possession of his means.

At the end of the contract on June 30, 2021 with the Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos has committed himself freely and free of charge to the PSG. However, the capital club did not welcome the best version of the Spaniard, far from it. In his first season at PSG, Sergio Ramos was a shadow of his former self, unable to string together matches due to repeated injuries. Spared from physical glitches during this 2022-2023 financial year, Sergio Ramos performed convincing matches for several weeks, before gradually dying out, until once again losing its luster. And according to Michael Moulin – former leader of PSG and current President of 10 Sports – he will never return to the top.

“His morphology has changed”

“Sergio Ramos is burnt out, he no longer has the level. Physically, he is no longer there. For several reasons. The first is simple. When you don’t play for 18 months, as he did, your body doesn’t react at all the same way as when you get injured at 25 (years). Your muscles no longer react in the same way. If we look at it closely, we can see that its morphology has changed. When you stop at this age (36 years old), and I speak about it knowingly, since I lived it at 33 years old, when you play again, it is difficult to follow the rhythm. And this is his case »estimated Michael Moulin, before adding another layer.

“When you stop at this age, it’s hard to keep up”

“Even if technically he still has good skills, his physical impact is no longer there. If I had to keep playing him, it would be in a 5-man defense, in the middle. A bit like in the old systems, in libero, à la (Vitorino) Hilton, who moreover never had long injuries, because he often played in this role. You can afford to be slower and make full use of your experience, your sense of placement to be able to intercept opposing attacks. But in no case in a defense with four and even less with 3… ”concluded Michael Moulin, former leader of PSG and current President of 10 Sports.

“Sergio Ramos is burned, he no longer has the level” 24hfootnews.

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