Ric Flair Gives His Praise To The Miz: “I Can’t Say Enough Good Things About Him”


Ric Flair discussed The Miz during a recent episode of his Wooooo Nation Uncensored podcast. This is where the legendary star praised the longtime WWE star. Here are the highlights: 

Why he believes The Miz is so good:

“I think the world of him personally. What makes him good is the fact that he never stopped wanting to be good. Whatever they give him, whether it’s chicken sh*t or chicken salad, he makes it chicken salad. To have that kind of a run, I think he decided that he was going to make a career out of this no matter how much he had to go through, humiliation wise. He’s rocking it out right now. I’m happy for him.”

Miz having a hard time being accepted earlier in his career because he was a reality TV star:

“Yes, that’s exactly what it was. He wasn’t some super athlete with a super athletic background. He’s just a guy that wanted to be a wrestler, but he pulled it off. I’m telling you, they hand him his script and he will rehearse it from 2 o’clock in the afternoon until he goes on the air. He walks around. I see him in the hallway talking to himself. Then he’ll go to his producer and say, ‘Can I change this to this?’ He’s a perfectionist, and that’s why he’s good.”

Whether Miz should be a heel or face:

“He’s just a much better heel. I think it’s more acting, because he’s not an arrogant guy in real life. I think it’s more about how he’s learned how to pull that character off. He’s not in any way, shape, or form, a pr*ck, which to be a good heel, you have to have some pr*ck in you. I’m proud of him, and once again, I can’t say enough good things about him.”

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