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Ric Flair Addresses Lashing Out At JBL For Being A Bully


Ric Flair recently talked about a wide range of topics on his To Be The Man podcast. 

During it, he addressed his recent tweet about JBL. It happened during Monday’s WWE Raw when he tweeted the following: 

Flair stated that WWE can do what they want, but he doesn’t think JBL should be rewarded with a Hall of Fame induction.

“I’ve seen it all. I get so tired of people, you know, fans, marks, whatever they are, whatever, in all due respect to them, but they don’t have an opinion if they’re not there. To me, I’m never going to get off the fact that wrestling is a fraternity. It should be a brotherhood, respect for everybody, and there’s no time for anybody to cause anybody personal embarrassment or hardship in our business. There is no place for it. We all know the story of Bradshaw. It’s fu**ing brutal. but he’s rewarded with a Hall of Fame? It’s their company. They do what they want to do. But what about the three or four guys I’ve seen melt down personally, melt down and cry. They were so humiliated.”

Flair was asked whether he had a falling out with JBL:

“I didn’t have a falling out. I’m making a personal observation. He’s always nice to me. Everybody could take a rib, but outright bullying a guy where he really feels like sh*t? It’s not healthy. It doesn’t do anybody good. He’s never done anything to me. I guess I’m lucky but I mean, I wouldn’t tolerate it if he did, and obviously Joey Styles didn’t either from what I’ve been told. So, you know, it just got to be cut off somewhere. But I’ve seen people just cry over humiliation and we are supposed to be a brotherhood.”

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