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Renee Paquette Thought MJF Did A Solid Jon Moxley Impression, Talks Working With MJF Early On In AEW


New AEW analyst and interviewer Renee Paquette was the latest guest on the company’s Unrestricted podcast, where Paquette discussed a number of different topics, including getting to work with top superstar MJF early on and what she thought of the Devil’s impression of her husband, AEW world champion Jon Moxley. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Thought MJF did a solid impression of her husband, Jon Moxley:

“It was actually a pretty good impression, not that we’re surprised by that, MJF is MJF, he’s a world-class performer. Obviously, I didn’t see it prior to going out, I didn’t see him going over it or anything. Me seeing it out there for the first time and being able to hear what he was saying, anytime someone does the Jon mannerism that’s the big shoulder movement, is pretty fun. The lower brow, skulking around, MJF did his due diligence in his Jon Moxley performance. Little shit.”

How happy she was to get to work with MJF early on:

“I was happy to see that I was doing a promo early on with MJF because I kind of wanted to witness what he does up close like that. I was talking to him ahead of time, and I used to do a lot of promos with Paul Heyman, and that kind of performance, I like being able to work with people like that because it gives me so much to do, even if it’s just a small facial reaction, I love getting to do stuff like that. It was fun getting to do some of that stuff with MJF.”

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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