Real Madrid: Karim Benzema shakes the locker room


When I was little, I promised myself that I would have a job in line with football. Very quickly, I realized that my feet would not be enough to take me where I wanted so journalism became obvious.

Crowned Ballon D’Or last October, Karim Benzema has had a more mixed season, in particular due to his numerous injuries. At the end of the contract this summer, the French striker would not be sure to continue at Real Madrid. Saudi Arabia is making eyes at him and the locker room is aware that anything is possible.

It is a file that is not always found on the transfer window. But this summer, the future of Karim Benzema risk of talking. At the end of the contract with Real Madrid, the French striker has not yet extended with the White House. A subject that challenges given the impact of the Ballon D’Or in the eleven of Carlo Ancelotti. Even if he comes out of a less successful season than the previous one, Karim Benzema is essential to real Madrid.

Benzema and Saudi Arabia, it’s serious

Wracked by wounds, Karim Benzema missed many encounters. Despite everything, the former French international has always been there in important matches, especially in the Champions League. But faced with Man City, this time even Karim Benzema couldn’t do anything. From there to rush his departure? That’s not really the main reason. As explained ReportSaudi Arabia is interested in him and Benzema would not be insensitive. His physical glitches, the talk of Saudi leaders and not having to pay taxes could motivate him to leave the real Madrid.

The dressing room is no longer so confident

Still according to information from Report, his future in the Spanish capital would no longer be considered a certainty within the dressing room. Captain number 1 of the Real Madrid since the departure of Marcello, Karim Benzema is the leader of this team. He has always confided that he wanted to end his career there, a departure would surprise everyone. But in football, anything is possible. This also applies with Karim Benzema.

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