Qatar trembles for Lionel Messi


The end of Lionel Messi’s contract is fast approaching and Paris Saint-Germain are doing everything possible to extend it. According to our information, Luis Campos has been working on this priority file since last fall, but still does not seem to have found the argument that could convince Messi to continue his career with the Parisian club.

Are we going to witness the last months of Lionel Messi with the PSG ? We revealed to you on that its extension is an internally discussed topic, but the response of The Pulga would be slow to arrive.

In Italy, we do not yet believe in its extension

Il Corriere dello Sport dropped a bombshell this Wednesday, revealing that there would be no agreement yet and even less an agreement in principle between Luis Campos and Jorge Messi, father and representative of Lionel Messi.

“I can’t imagine Galtier, Campos or Nasser parting ways with Messi”

Some believe, however, that this extension will be a mere formality, for a club with the economic power of the PSG.Losing Messi, (…) I don’t think it will happen. I can’t imagine it explained Roland Courbis, at the microphone of RMC Sports. ” I can’t imagine Galtier, Campos or Nasser parting ways with Messi “.

Qatar trembles for Lionel Messi 24hfootnews.

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