PSG: Messi hits an unexpected jackpot at… €10m


With 414 million followers, Lionel Messi is the second most followed personality on the Instagram social network. Only preceded by his historic rival, Cristiano Ronaldo, with 523 million followers, La Pulga surfed on his victory in the World Cup against France to touch a nice jackpot.

Today, Lionel Messi is clearly no longer to be pitied financially. Whether at FC Barcelona and now at PSG, where he signed a very advantageous contract from a financial point of view, the Argentinian is no longer in need. Nevertheless, the big checks continue to come in for Messi. And this would have been the case in particular in recent weeks following his coronation with the Albiceleste at the world Cup.

Money thanks to social networks

Indeed, according to the information reported by the DailyMail, Lionel Messi would have collected the modest sum of around 10M€ for only 6 posts on his Instagram account.

To see your brand displayed alongside the Argentine star, you have to, according to Hopper, an Instagram specialist site, pay the modest sum of… €1.6 million. Here again, Cristiano Ronaldo remains the leader in cost per publication with €2.26 million.

A rivalry, even on the networks

Nowadays, Instagram or Twitter posts are scrutinized. And some even add these new features to discuss football’s GOAT. Regarding the “likes”, Lionel Messi, for his photo with the World Cup trophy, gathered €74m in likes. Which makes it the most liked post in the history of social media.

PSG: Messi hits an unexpected jackpot at… €10m 24hfootnews.

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