PSG ejected him, he talks about his big comeback


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Under contract until next June with Juventus Turin where an extension now seems unlikely, Adrien Rabiot could therefore go free. PSG has been announced in the footsteps of its former titi for several weeks, and the latter is frankly speaking about a possible return to the Parc des Princes this summer.

Adrian Rabiot and the PSG, can the story really start again? The 27-year-old midfielder had slammed the door of his training club in 2019 after a long soap opera and a delicate divorce, he who had been dismissed from the first team of the PSG for refusing to extend his contract there.

PSG talks with Rabiot

But as Media Foot recently revealed, the PSG would exchange intensively with the entourage of Rabiot for quite a while now, and this folder would even be “ very hot ” for this summer. Clearly, the French international could return free to the PSGfour years after his tumultuous departure.

“I leave the options open”

And in an interview with Figaro this Friday, Adrian Rabiot openly confides in the possibility of a return to PSG : “ Given football today, it’s difficult to position yourself on anything. Nothing should be forbidden […] I leave the options open, we will see in a few months. Football and the sporting challenge will remain the most important “, noted Rabiot. THE PSG therefore has every chance.

PSG ejected him, he talks about his big comeback 24hfootnews.

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