Project L Finally Gets a Name – 2XKO


Riot’s Games’ big entry into the world of fighting games has been anticipated for a long time. For quite a while, we’ve known it as Project L. We’ve just gotten a new name for it though. When Project L releases, it will be 2XKO.

The Fighting game genre has had tons of big releases over the last year, but there’s an upcoming fighter that has a unique amount of hype. Rather than an entry in an established series, Project L is a new franchise that has incredible hype even before release. We’ve seen early demos and other showcases of what’s coming with the release of the final game. However, we’ve actually only just had a full title revealed now. Project L is 2XKO.

Project L 2KXO

Source: @2XKOJP

2XKO is Riot’s Upcoming Fighter

It’s rare for a fighting game’s literal title to be worthy of discussion. That’s maybe how much anticipation there is for Project L. Riot games are behind quite a few major esports titles like LoL and Valorant. This is their take on the fighting game genre.

Players used to a high level of quality from titles like Street Fighter 6 have found Project L to be a deservingly high-quality entry. The characters shown off so far are creative. However, they’re definitely still recognizable as growing from the typical archetypes we see in fighters. We also know the game is going to be using a 2-character, 2v2 system. This is a bit more unique from most major fighting games in 2024.

Riot has also tried out quite a few of the characters at limited demos at some events. These have been fairly closed affairs compared to a wide early access. It’s all worked to build quite a bit of hype for 2XKO when it launches though. Now that we know the final title for the game, we might be edging closer to the actual release of this new title.

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