Paul Heyman Says He Will Not Discuss Details From His Time As WWE Raw Executive Director


Longtime wrestling manager, promoter, and executive Paul Heyman recently spoke to Bleacher Report where the advocate for the Tribal Chief briefly discussed his run as the Executive Director for Monday Night Raw, stating that he avoided interviews while in that position as to not give away too many secrets of the business. He later adds that he won’t touch on anything he did while Executive Director, which includes the controversy with former world champion AJ Styles.

In the 50 or so weeks that I was the executive director of Monday Night Raw, I never discussed being the executive director of Monday Night Raw, and the reason why is because when you’re in that position, you’re privy to the top echelon, inner-sanctum of the inner workings of WWE,” he said. “Along with that position comes an expectation of confidentiality and secrecy. I never violated that confidentiality or secrecy while executive director, which is why I didn’t do any interviews while executive director. I won’t discuss anything I did as executive director, whether it’s something worthy of praise or criticism, because I will respect the responsibility that I had to keep everything that I did as executive director secret or confidential, whether that’s in the face of criticism or praise that has been bestowed upon me.

Heyman will be accompanying Universal champion Roman Reigns to the ring for tonight’s episode of SmackDown, where Reigns is defending against Braun Strowman.

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