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Nick Aldis Talks His Love Of Bret Hart, How Hart Reached Out To Him To Compete In Dungeon Wrestling


NWA superstar and former two-time world champion Nick Aldis recently joined for an in-depth conversation about all things pro-wrestling, which included the National Treasure discussing his love of WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart, and how “The Hitman” was a wrestler he studied heavily during his run as NWA world champion. Check out Aldis’ full thoughts on the subject in the highlights below.

How Bret Hart reached out to him to wrestle Davey Boy Smith Jr. for Dungeon Wrestling:

“Some of the other old timers who were aware of me and had been around me and stuff, they kind of talked to Bret and said, ‘Hey, this kid’s good. You ought to watch him. He’s a great wrestler.’ It was very kind of them to do that. Then Bret was the one who actually said to me, ‘Hey, we’ve got this Dungeon Wrestling that my son books and promotes. I think it would be a hell of a match to have you and Harry. Would you be interested in coming to Calgary and doing that?”

Calls Bret Hart one of his favorites, and someone he studied intensely as NWA world champion:

“I said, ‘Yeah, of course. It would be a great opportunity.’ This is right up there with the coolest things I’ve been involved with. I am a diehard Bret Hart fan. Along with The Rock and Triple H, these are probably the guys who made me want to get into the business more than anybody else. Once I got into the business, Bret was someone who I particularly studied, particularly when I was NWA champion. Bret, I thought, was always really good at being a champion wrestler. There’s a difference between being an attraction, or being a babyface or a heel, or being a top wrestler. There’s a certain skill set involved with being a champion wrestler.”

What he thought of his match with Davey Boy Smith Jr:

“To wrestle in Calgary at the Victoria Pavilion, the iconic stampede wrestling venue, against the son of Davey Boy Smith, who himself is a world class wrestler and has absolutely reinvented himself, and has made himself into the best version of himself he’s ever been in Harry Smith… The guy’s an absolute unit. He’s got all kinds of skills. He’s been doing all kinds of grappling and catch wrestling and jujitsu and God knows what else. He eats, sleeps and breathes it. He has a tremendous passion for the business like I do.”

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