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Nick Aldis Clarifies Deal Between NWA and UWN, Says They Will Not Being Doing Weekly Pay Per Views


Nick Aldis was a recent guest on the Battlegrounds Podcast where the NWA world champion gave more details on the promotion’s new deal with UWN and FITE TV. Aldis explains that while their partnership will lead to NWA running a number of specials on FITE TV, they will not be airing pay per views on a weekly basis as originally reported. He also says NWA didn’t want to run their GPB Studio show without their supportive audience.

We’ve had a great relationship with FITE TV, our pay-per-views outperform certain big brands on their platform like three to one. They are constantly checking in with us because they make money from us. An option came up for Thunder Studios in LA. It will be a combination of FITE TV and traditional pay-per-view. It was a situation where they said to David Marquez, ‘there is a timeslot here if you want to do something with it.’ David put this situation together where he opened up the possibility where any promotion who wanted to take part in it to have a pay-per-view as regularly or in-frequently as they would like. We partnered with him because it’s a great opportunity for us to go into a new setting — we didn’t want to go to GPB without fans. They will be regular weekly shows on pay-per-view, but that’s not to say the NWA will be doing weekly pay-per-views. There is a timeslot and the NWA will be occupying some of those shows.

Check out the National Treasure’s full interview below. (H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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