Mohamed Bayo bangs his fist on the table


Last summer, Mohamed Bayo left Clermont Foot to join LOSC. But the striker had some problems, he who was sidelined for some time following a night out on the eve of a match against PSG. Since then, he has been a substitute (2 tenures). Bayo, who did not find the net in Lille, wants to start again. This is what he confided to The voice of the North. The opportunity to send a message to his coach.

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“I have already had a conversation with the coach, he is counting on me. Afterwards, for the moment, for him, it was not the moment. It is he who decides. It’s my first year, so if I’m not given my chance directly, I’m not saying that I don’t want to play, but we’ll say that I can wait a little bit, that’s for sure. Afterwards, I am a competitor. After a while, I can’t wait a whole season without playing, that’s for sure. Now we are going to work and we will be ready to resume. » It’s up to him to play!

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Mohamed Bayo bangs his fist on the table 24hfootnews.

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