IPL 2024: Meet the wives and girlfriends of Gujarat Titans (GT) cricketers


The wives and girlfriends of GT players IPL 2024

This ongoing season emerges as a captivating spectacle in the intricate tapestry of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024, where moments of triumph and trials interweave with the finest threads of dedication and talent. As cricket enthusiasts across the globe hold their collective breath in anticipation, the cricketers of Gujarat Titans (GT) are steadfast in their pursuit of claiming their inaugural title, fueled by their determination to overcome past setbacks.

Amidst the genuine excitement and rigorous training regimens, a crucial yet often overlooked aspect forms the backbone of these cricketers’ journeys – the astounding women who stand by their side. It is an undeniable truth that behind every successful cricketer stands a supportive partner, a reality deeply understood by the luminaries of the GT team. Beyond their stellar performances on the field, these players lean on a bond that transcends the boundaries of the cricketing arena, a connection rooted in unwavering support and understanding with the remarkable women who accompany them through every peak and valley.

With that acknowledgement, let us shine a well-deserved spotlight on the wives and girlfriends of GT players, whose presence serves as an integral pillar in the lives of these sporting champions.

Wives and girlfriends of GT players

Wriddhiman Saha’s wife Romi Saha

Wriddhiman Saha's wife Romi Mirta 2
Wriddhiman Saha’s wife Romi Mirta PC-X

Entrepreneur Romi Saha, the proprietor of Kolkata’s “Puran Dhaka” restaurant, is married to cricketer Wriddhiman Saha. She remains active on various social media platforms and engages with her audience online.

Vijay Shankar’s wife Vaishali Visweswaran

Vijay Shankar's wife Vaishali Visweswaran
Vijay Shankar’s wife Vaishali Visweswaran PC-X

Vaishali Visweswaran, a part-time teacher from Chennai, is married to cricketer Vijay Shankar. Despite her husband’s presence in the limelight, Vaishali maintains a private Instagram account and prefers to stay out of public attention.

Jayant Yadav’s wife Disha Chawla

Jayant Yadav's wife Disha Chawla PC-X
Jayant Yadav’s wife Disha Chawla PC-X

Disha Chawla, who married cricketer Jayant Yadav in 2021, keeps a low profile on social media with her private accounts, leaving little information about her personal and professional life in the public domain.

David Miller’s wife Camilla Harris

David Miller's wife Carmilla Harris 2 PC-X
David Miller’s wife Carmilla Harris PC-X

Camilla Harris, wife of cricketer David Miller, is a professional polo player and entrepreneur. Active on social media, Camilla shares her love for travel and stays engaged with her followers.

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Rahul Tewatia’s wife Ridhi Tewatia

Rahul Tewatia's wife Ridhi Tewatia
Rahul Tewatia’s wife Ridhi Tewatia PC-X

Ridhi Tewatia, who married cricketer Rahul Tewatia in October 2021, maintains a public Instagram account but rarely shares photos. Details about her profession remain scarce.

Umesh Yadav’s wife Tanya Wadhwa

Umesh Yadav's wife Tanya Yadav
Umesh Yadav’s wife Tanya Yadav PC-X

Tanya Wadhwa, a fashion designer, occasionally accompanies her husband, cricketer Umesh Yadav, to cricketing venues. She actively shares updates about her life on social media.

Spencer Johnson’s girlfriend Sarah Patherick

Sarah Patherick is a devoted cricket enthusiast and supporter of her boyfriend, Spencer Johnson. She is frequently seen cheering for Johnson during matches. Sarah prefers to keep her Instagram account private.

Spencer Johnson's girlfriend Sarah Patheric 2
Spencer Johnson’s girlfriend Sarah Patheric PC-X

Mohit Sharma’s wife Shweta Sharma

Mohit Sharma's wife Shweta Sharma
Mohit Sharma’s wife Shweta Sharma PC-X

Shweta Sharma, currently a housewife, remains highly active on Instagram, sharing glimpses of her family life.

Mathew Wade’s spouse Julia Wade

Matthew Wade's spouse Julia Barry
Matthew Wade’s spouse Julia Barry PC-X

Julia Wade, wife of cricketer Mathew Wade, is no less than a model. Married in April 2023, she regularly posts family photos on social media.

Kane Williamson’s partner Sarah Raheem

Kane Williamson's wife Sarah Raheem
Kane Williamson’s wife Sarah Raheem PC-X

Sarah Raheem, a nurse by profession, is married to cricketer Kane Williamson. She maintains a low profile and a private Instagram account, having completed her education at the University of Bristol.

R Sai Kishore’s wife Anmol Kiran

Sai Kishore's wife Anmol Kiran
Sai Kishore’s wife Anmol Kiran PC-X

According to her Instagram bio, Anmol Kiran, wife of cricketer R Sai Kishore, is involved in blogging and advertising. Alongside her professional pursuits, she remains active on social media platforms.

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