Heath Slater On Whether He Believes John Cena Buried The NEXUS Angle In 2010: “It’s A 95% Fact”


Indie superstar Heath Slater recently participated in a Q&A with Pro Wrestling Junkies where the One-Man Band spoke about whether or not John Cena was the reason the NEXUS ended up losing their high-stakes SummerSlam matchup back in 2010. Highlights are below.

Says original plan was for NEXUS to go-over but the match would later change to Cena being the sole survivor:

I’ll tell you this much. I’ve had so many people ask me that over the year. (Whether Cena buried the NEXUS) Honestly, I’m not sure if it’s 100% fact, but I could comfortably say it’s a 95% fact. The whole time we were there, we were going over. We were playing to win. Edge and Jericho basically came up with that whole match. They planned it all out and had where it was, how it should be, where I think the last one left was Wade. And then the next thing you know, 4 hours later, it was just not happening that way. We were young. We didn’t know. Looking back at it now, if we would have took over SummerSlam and ran it to ‘Mania, and had some super group come and let them destroy us – they should have put it in jeopardy and really made people believe that we were a threat, and want to see some group come in and beat us. They just cut it off when we were almost to the peak of the mountain.

On guys he really enjoyed working with, Cena included:

There’s so many, to be honest. Even down in developmental, I loved working with Trent Baretta. When I’m tagging with Rhyno or whoever, The Usos were amazing to work. When I was doing singles, Apollo Crews was really fun to work. So was Kalisto, those guys. Randy Orton was incredibly easy to work because he’s just so smooth in everything he does. John Cena was another one that was really easy to work. There’s so many different levels so to speak, and each one has great guys to work with.

(H/T and transcribed by Wrestling Inc.)

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