Elina Svitolina: “Many people in Ukraine need help because of the war”


Elina Svitolina, as a great champion and former WTA world number 3, has recently returned to the womne’s Tour and she is proving she can immediately make a difference. At the Roland Garros, the Ukrainian player was able to beat the Italian Martina Trevisan in two quick sets, advancing to the second round of the main draw.

At the press conference, the tennis player brought up the still current topic of war again: “I mean that we are losing the focus of the issue. The highlight of the story is that there are so many people in Ukraine who need to be helped and need support.

Instead we are focusing on little things, details, empty words that don’t change the substance for anyone. So my invitation to everyone is to change the vision of the problem. We must first think of the children who need to be helped, of the women who have their men in the war. Especially to children who may not have parents or have lost part of their body to the war. We have to help them.”

Elina remarked how she donated her prize money won in Strasbourg

Elina openly remarked how she donated her prize money won in Strasbourg: “There are so many things that can be done to help out.

For example donate a couple of dollars or donate your time to the service of those in need. I donated my prize to Ukrainian children. Previously we had already done, with Lesia Tsurenko, a fundraiser in the United States to rebuild the school in Kharkiv which had been bombed and almost destroyed. Donations that will also go to children with disabilities. I will do the same with the prize I will win in Paris.”

Then she concluded: “The war has changed me in many ways. I now appreciate time with family much more. I’m trying to realize how lucky I am to be where I am and to be able to make my voice heard.”

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