Ryder Cup at Bocconi for impacts and legacy


The Ryder Cup is increasingly the protagonist in Italy. The trophy, icon of the Europe-USA super challenge, travels like a star to be admired up close, making anticipation towards the most important golfing event of 2023 grow more and more. From Rome, to Piazza del Popolo for the arrival of the Giro d’Italia in Milan for a Bocconi workshop organized by Topic Sport Alumni in collaboration with SDA Bocconi EMBE – Executive Master in Business of Events, and Ryder Cup.

Ryder Cup, results

“All roads lead to Rome: impacts and legacy of the Ryder Cup 2023”, the event saw the participation of Gian Paolo Montali, General Manager of the Ryder Cup 2023 Project; Maria Elena Rossi, Marketing and Promotion Director – ENIT; James White, Ryder Cup Country Manager Italy; Costantino Rocca, legend of Italian golf and first blue to participate (1993) and to win the Ryder Cup (1995 and 1997); Mirco Vassallo, Director Global Direct Sales – Costa Cruises; Stefano Caselli, Dean of SDA Bocconi School of Management; Frank Leenders, Leader Bocconi Alumni Topic Sport; Director General at FIBA Marketing and Media Services SA; Dino Ruta, Professor in Sports and Events Business – SDA Bocconi School of Management; EMBE Academic Director; Roya Derakhshan, SDA Bocconi Professor in Project Management; EMBE Program Director.

From the perspective of the various stakeholders, to the point of view of the body that owns the rights, passing through those who, like Costantino Rocca, have experienced the emotions of the golf course, up to the Italian Golf Federation which since the candidacy, promoted and led by President Franco Chimenti has given shape and substance to a dream that has turned into reality and which is now preparing for the final rush of a growth path that will not end on October 1st, but will continue until 2027 as explained by Gian Paolo Montali. Many topics were touched upon, with a focus on the legacy that the Ryder Cup leaves to tourism and sport in Italy in the context of a broad-based macroeconomic perspective from a commercial point of view.

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