Edge On Why He Loves NXT Takeover Events


Edge, along with his wife Beth Phoenix, was seen all around New York City attending a variety of Wrestlemania-related events. On the most recent episode of “E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness”, Edge revealed that attending Takeover was one of the highlights of the weekend for him. He talked about why he loves NXT so much:

There’s no jadedness. Just hunger and passion. It’s so invigorating to be around. This crop of talent that I think is so immensely talented and to see them do what they do without any handcuffs or parameters [that impact them] telling an amazing story. To not have to constrain like [a television match].

It’s such a hard-hitting, Japanese style. The only thing I worry about is longevity. I see some talents and injuries, I just hope … it goes back to when we were doing the TLCs, Kurt [Angle] and [Chris] Benoit were doing the German [suplexes] and it’s like, ‘Will I wind up with two neck surgeries?’ I hope that isn’t the case and that style doesn’t catch up to everybody.

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Credit: E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness. H/T Wrestlezone.

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