Drew McIntyre On Facing Bill Goldberg: “It Is Who I Need To Fight To Take Myself and My Title Reign To The Next Level”


WWE champion Drew McIntyre recently spoke with Telegraph India to hype up this Sunday’s Royal Rumble pay per view, where the Scottish Psychopath will be defending his title against WWE Hall of Famer, Bill Goldberg. During the interview McIntyre would address how important a victory over Goldberg would be for his reign and legacy.

It’s crazy! I remember my brother and I would flip between WWE and WCW, waiting for Goldberg’s matches. Then when the video games came along, I would create myself in the Create-A-Wrestler mode and fight Goldberg. I always thought I would be WWE Champion, because that was my dream, but I never thought I would be WWE Champion fighting Goldberg. It is who I need to fight to take myself and my title reign to the next level. It’s going to be an absolute war, with McIntyre and Goldberg.

McIntyre returned on this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw after it was revealed that he tested positive for COVID-19.

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