Dolph Ziggler Discusses His Brothers Movie And Supporting Pride Month


Dolph Ziggler discussed with Sports Illustrated his brother’s new movie, HEEL, and supporting the Speaking Out movement. Ziggler mentions that they are selling a Pride t-shirt and donating it all to the Center for Black Equity. Ziggler says he plans on matching whatever they donate.

It’s really cool. I don’t want to make money from it, I’m excited to support the cause. It’s Pride Month, which is awesome, and working with Sonya and wearing a little Pride Flag on my wrist, I’ve seen Sonya be so outspoken and so cool about giving back. Because of the climate that was happening over the past few weeks, I also wanted to give to a Black equity organization.

I wanted to get the word out a little bit and show that I’m behind everybody; 100% of whatever we make goes to charity, and I’m going to double it. And then because we got the word out, anonymous donors said they would double it. And then a third person said they’d double it. This is going to be several thousand dollars, so I’m blown away. My brother really helped get the word out.

On the topic of his brother, Ryan Nemeth, and his new movie, HEEL, Ziggler says he’s very proud of him for putting it all together.

I’m very proud of him for making the movie HEEL. It’s behind-the-scenes stuff, it’s gritty. It shows that this is not exactly a glamorous life and it reflects some things that are taking place in society right now. He is so good at stuff like this—every couple weeks, I get an extra 30 seconds of what’s been edited down and almost finished, and I can’t believe how cool and real and excellent it is. I’m very proud of him, we’re very proud to be giving to the Center for Black Equity. We have all these followers online, and instead of showing a bench press picture, it really is so cool to give back.

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