Deonna Purrazzo Still Hoping For Showdown With Britt Baker, Talks Potentially Winning More Championships


IMPACT Knockouts champion Deonna Purrazzo recently appeared on the The Wrassingh Show to hype up this Saturday’s Bound For Glory pay per view, where the Virtuosa will be defending her title against the legendary Mickie James. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

On potentially winning gold in AAA:

“I would love that! You know, so obviously I’m the champ-champ right now. I have two but I think I need one around my waist and you know, it could be a singles championship, it could be our knockouts tag team championships! I don’t care – I just want all of the gold! We are in the age of the virtuosa and I deserve all of the gold!”

Whether she would be interested in competing for the Digital Media championship:

“Yeah! I definitely think that’s a possibility for me. If the timing was right and it was done properly, I would be more than happy to do some intergender wrestling and capture the digital media championship but I think right now, my focus is our women’s division – our tag team division and you know, maybe getting a hold of those tag titles first!”

On a potential showdown with AEW women’s champion Britt Baker:

“Absolutely! I think that is what I hear most and what I see most on
social media – is ‘we need Deonna versus Britt to happen’ and it’s
really cool because Britt is in real life my best friend and I’ve followed
her journey way from years and years and years ago, when we were first starting in wrestling and I’m so so happy and proud of all of her success! But, yeah! At the end of the day, if it’s for the Knockouts championship or for the AEW women’s championship – all bets are off! We gotta put our friendship aside and I think it would be a really, really cool dream match for both of us and the world but.. someone would have to lose their championship so I think again those tag team championships that we have in our knockouts division would be the perfect way for Britt and I to have matches together but not have to be against each other and have no one lose any of their titles.”

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