Bret Hart Opens Up About Dynamite Kid’s Alcohol Abuse, Says He Owes A Lot To Him


Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart spoke about the legendary Dynamite Kid on the latest episode of his Confessions of the Hitman podcast. Here is what he had to say.

On Dynamite Kid taking pain pills:

Dynamite kept taking pain pills on such a regular basis that he couldn’t figure out if he was in pain or not anymore. He was on so much different stuff that he ended up blowing out his back in a [pro] wrestling match in Hamilton [Canada]. He was just running, jumping over top of a guy in the ring, just stepping over him. The guy was laying flat, and when he jumped over top of him, he blew his back out and he crashed. They ended up taking him out. He blew out two discs in his back. He had to be taken to the hospital and there was talk that he would never wrestle again.

On the British Bulldogs dropping the tag titles to the Hart Foundation:

And I will forever be grateful for both Bulldogs because they really came back to make sure Jim [Neidhart] and I got the belts from them. That was the whole idea. We were supposed get the belts anyway but Dynamite got hurt, and so Dynamite said, ‘No, I’ll be there. I’m going to make sure we deliver on that promise – that we drop the titles to The Hart Foundation.’ So he did do that and I’ll never forget that he did that for me, both of them.

How Kid’s drinking got so bad it made him broke and drove him further away from his wife:

I don’t think Dynamite could do it anymore and I think he was having trouble admitting that to himself, like, ‘I can’t do this anymore.’ And instead, he went around town drinking, and drinking, and drinking, and drinking, and drinking until there was no money left.” Hart noted, “His wife and him were growing further and further apart too.

How the wrestling world owes a lot to Dynamite Kid:

He was a bitter, sour, angry at the world… I mean, I tried to be a close friend to him for years. I offered to pay for his back surgery; I did a lot. I was always very appreciative of all the things that I got from Dynamite. I learned so much from him and he was really ahead of his time. I never would have been the wrestler I was if it hadn’t been for Dynamite Kid, and I owe a lot to him. The wrestling business owes a lot to him.” Hart said, “If there is one wrestler who should be in the Hall Of Fame just by what he brought to the wrestling business alone, it would be Dynamite Kid.

(H/T and transcribed by Wrestling Inc.)

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