The Miz On Which Part Of His WWE Run Was His Favorite


During an interview with Uproxx, The Miz stated that it was his Intercontinental Title run, not his world title reign, that was his favorite part of his WWE run. Here’s what he had to say:

Me and Maryse’s intercontinental title run, that whole thing with the intercontinental title and making it the most relevant, prestigious title in all of WWE. People always say they’re going to do something and it doesn’t happen. But when you say and you do it. And now, when you look at the intercontinental championship, it’s as prestigious as the Universal championship. It’s a big star moneymaker. AJ Styles was the intercontinental champion, Jeff Hardy is the intercontinental champion and he has a huge storyline with Sami Zayn coming back. People are talking about the intercontinental title. It’s not a title that’s thrown around to give a guy a title. It’s a valuable commodity on Smackdown. People want to watch Smackdown for it and I feel like I was a part of that history in making it prestigious and relevant.

You can read the interview HERE.

Credit: Uproxx.

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