‘Blessed’ dad Novak Djokovic: Very difficult to say ‘No’ to Tara in anything


Novak Djokovic jokingly revealed he couldn’t say “no” to his kids as Stefan and Tara are expected to join him in Paris in a couple of days. 

On Monday, Djokovic kicked off his French Open campaign with a 6-3 6-2 7-6 (1) win over Aleksandar Kovacevic.

During a post-match interview on Tennis Channel, Djokovic was asked about his kids missing from his box.

“They are not here with me but they might be coming in a few days time if I go on in the tournament. Stefan is 8, Tara is 5. Stefan just went on his school holidays. I was talking to him and he knew I was coming to Roland Garros and he said, ‘Sorry, daddy. I might join you later but this is more important, I want to be in the nature, I want to play around with my friends, and do different activities’. I said, ‘I fully accept that and embrace that and support it’. Tara is into horseriding and ballet. She’s incredible, my sweetheart and it’s very difficult for me to say ‘No’ to her for anything. Anybody who is a father of a daughter understands this. I’m really blessed and also grateful to my wife for taking care of them and being the best mother they could have,” Djokovic said on Tennis Channel.

Djokovic playing for a lot at this year’s French Open

Earlier this year, Djokovic tied Rafael Nadal on the all-time Grand Slam record list after winning his 22nd Major at the Australian Open.

In Australia, Djokovic was with his family when he won a record 10th Australian Open. 

Now, Djokovic is aiming to win a record-breaking 23rd Grand Slam title at the French Open.

If Djokovic wins the French Open, he will also replace Carlos Alcaraz at the top spot. 

Djokovic has a lot to play for at the French Open and he usually delivers in this kind of situation.

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