Maria Sharapova’s new outfit with transparent inserts and red lipstick is divine


With over 4.5 million followers on Instagram, former tennis legend Maria Sharapova is one of the most loved and followed personalities on social media. She enjoys posting moments of private life or while she trains.

Fashion is definitely one of the passions of the beautiful Siberian.

In one of her latest Instagram stories, Maria wears a very elegant outfit, where she wears a white tank top with lace and transparency inserts, which goes beautifully with her hairstyle and red lipstick.

Here’s the picture:

Sharapova, between proven life and training

According to what she tells in her interview with Self, Maria Sharapova tends to use support tools or even naps to recover from complicated moments.
Workouts and tools that help improve blood circulation in the legs, intense workouts to improve strength always in the legs.

In a recent interview with ESPN, Maria talked about Serena Williams, her biggest rival on the tennis court. The two are now great friends and Sharapova explained: “It has been wonderful to see Serena’s journey and the glorious and great tenacity with which she has carried forward her career.”

Maria Sharapova recently made an incredible makeover to her look. She shed her iconic blonde hair goodbye and opted for a brown color. The woman shared on social media and specifically on Instagram she identified her look, she had a decidedly darker shade but still remained gorgeous.

In addition to having been one of the greatest champions of the last twenty years, among the most important rivals of a legend like Serena Williams, the former Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova is also remembered as one of the most attractive women to ever walk the tennis courts.

Maria has retired for a few years and is now dedicated to private life, in 2022 she gave birth to her first child, little Theodore. In a recent interview granted to Self magazine, Maria confessed that she only started training six months after giving birth.

She has always been very intent on training and so this is an important change. In fact, now Sharapova trains about 2-3 times a week for about an hour and Maria confessed: “Usually they last about 30 minutes, the last time I have to say they were less incisive but still quite fun. I do these especially when little Theodore is asleep.”

Photo credits: Maria Sharapova Instagram page

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