Big E On Which Member Of The Nexus He Considers To Have Helped Him Development


During his appearance on After The Bell, Big E credited former Nexus member Michael Tarver has someone who mentored him early on in his career. Here’s what he had to say:

Michael Tarver meant so much to me and my career because I remember there was a point where I was real green, and he was a guy who was ready to go up. He was seasoned, and I was probably only a year or so into the business. I was not like a Chad Gable or a [Kurt] Angle, a guy who just picked it up immediately. It took me a while to pick things up, and I remember Tarver and I, we were just kind of married.

I think we had like six consecutive matches, these little spot shows, and I remember he would just sit down with me and talk to me about psychology and not just in a broad sense, but the way he perceived me. He was like, ‘man, I see you kind of like as a Black Superman,’ and at the time, no one else was giving me that sense of confidence.

No one else was was talking to me in that way and he helped me just think of the way I want to portray my character, the way I need to go out in the ring, the stuff between the moves that means so much, and that was the first time where I really got to think of my character in this kind of holistic sense. So I always give Tarver so much thanks. I see him from time to time in the gym in Tampa, and I always tell him how much he meant to my career.

Credit: After The Bell. H/T WrestlingInc.

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