Backstage Notes on Changes for WWE TV Producers


WWE Producers were faced with significant changes before the recent retirement of Vince McMahon, but a new report from Fightful Select notes that those changes seemed to have carried over with the new regime.

WWE had started doubling up on producer assignments for each show, which is a change from before when producers would primarily receive one assignment per show. It has went from fairly rare to commonplace to see that happen now. Furthermore, several segments that would normally need two producers have been stripped back to one producer working solo, in part to the recent departures of Ariya Daivari and Joe Hennig, who were let go after their tryout periods.

Jason Jordan, who had been working as a Senior Producer, was rarely credited with producing TV segments this year. However, that has also changed as Jordan is producing more TV segments as of late.

There were also producers who would outright be taken off the road for a week at the time to limit the travel costs associated with bringing them to TV tapings.

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