Trade Rumors Front Office: Q&A


In past polling about our Trade Rumors Front Office subscription service, it became clear a lot of MLBTR readers don’t know what it is or what the benefits are.  In the reliable format of asking myself questions and then answering them, here we go!

What is Trade Rumors Front Office?

Trade Rumors Front Office is our paid subscription service, which we launched in July 2020.  Click here to subscribe.

What are the specific benefits as compared to the free site?

  • The removal of ads when you’re browsing this website and using our Trade Rumors app
  • Exclusive weekly articles from Steve Adams and Anthony Franco.  These articles feature analysis from Steve and Anthony.  Recent examples include “It’s Time For The Reds To Explore Long-Term Deals With Their Young Core” and “The small-market team that rebuilt without going into an actual rebuild.”  Steve and Anthony also analyze recent major transactions, such as the Rafael Devers extension.
  • Exclusive live chats with Anthony every Friday
  • Early access to our chats with MLB players.  Subscribers are first to know about these chats and have the chance to submit questions early.

How are the chats different if you’re a subscriber?

In a typical chat open to everyone on MLB Trade Rumors, the host is able to answer about 5% of the questions that come in, due to the high volume.  In Anthony’s subscriber chats, since there are fewer participants, he’s able to answer about 70-90% of the questions asked.  If that number consistently drops below 70%, we plan to add a second weekly subscriber chat.

How much does it cost?

$29.89 per year or $2.99 per month.

How do I access it?

To remove the ads, subscribers just need to be logged in when they’re on the site or app.  All the other benefits are sent via email.

What if I sign up, try it for a while, and decide it’s not worth my money?

I’ll refund 100% of your money!

What if I get everything I need from the free site?

That’s perfectly fine.  We’re glad to have you here.

What if I don’t like paying for baseball news?

We’re not offering additional news with this service.  We are offering analysis from our writers beyond what free MLBTR has, plus live chats with a much higher likelihood of getting your questions answered.

What if this subscription doesn’t fit into my budget?

We respect that and we’re happy we’ve been able to offer a free, ad-supported website for 17 years and counting.

Are you going to make the free website worse or paywall it in some way?

No, and we’ve actually got all sorts of plans to make the free website even better.  It can be a tough needle to thread, but Trade Rumors Front Office is for those who have the means, would like to support us directly, and want to go even deeper with our writers in terms of analysis and interaction.

Don’t you make money off the ads on the free site?

Yes, ads represent the vast majority of our revenue.  In that sense, the website isn’t completely free, as you’re letting us show you ads (assuming you’re not using an ad blocker).

We don’t have an ad sales team going out and negotiating deals with advertisers.  Instead, we plug in code from the major online ad middlemen (like Google), and they take a cut.  So, we don’t control the specific ads that appear on the site.  We also don’t control the rates at which those ads pay.  2022 was our worst year for ad rates in a decade, with the exception of 2020.  There are a few levers I can try to pull, but I also think it’s good for the company long-term to grow the subscription service.

Is there a way I can support MLBTR without getting a paid subscription?

Yes!  Tell your MLB fan friends to visit or download the free Trade Rumors app, and share our stuff on social media like Twitter and Facebook.

If you do want a Trade Rumors Front Office subscription, click here!

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