Tommy Dreamer Discusses WWE Cuts: “You Can’t Hate WWE. That’s Business”


IMPACT star Tommy Dreamer spoke about yesterday’s WWE cuts on his House of Hardcore Twitch channel where the ECW legend defends the company’s decision, citing it as a business decision and that “nobody can keep their jobs” forever. Dreamer explains that he’s had to make similar decisions for House of Hardcore, then uses a reference of house painters to further his point.

We have to take one day at a time. The cool thing is you see everybody jumping and banding together. I have reached out to several people who have been let go today and their lives will be fine. There’s life after WWE. For some people, they may get hired back, for other people they may not. You got some television time, you got the recognition or hey guess what, if you feel you weren’t used to potential, great. It happens to everybody. My heart goes out to them it goes out to them cause of their families and the uncertainty at this time. Hopefully, they have three more months of pay where they can keep getting paid by WWE as per when most times they get released and then in 3 months this is all cleared up. I feel personally that wrestling shows and all that stuff won’t happen till like October-November so we could all get back on our feet.

You can’t hate the WWE. You can’t hate Vince McMahon. That is business and it’s big business. I saw it in my little, little ass company and I see it from WWE all the way down and I use this example for everyone who goes, “Oh, they should stop live television, they should stop doing this, they should stop doing that” — think of the financial hit WWE took with the loss of WrestleMania from merchandise, live gate, all that stuff. If you paid somebody to paint your house and you have a contract that says, “I need you to paint my house” and you pay that person, or you pay that person half their money and they only paint the front side of the house and they say, “Well, I can’t get workers to come to your house”, would you want to pay them the full amount of money to paint your house? They didn’t finish the job.

So this is all coming down to this — money, and this is why stuff like this happens, and it sucks, but it is a business and nobody has a job or guaranteed a job forever. I guess the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels and Triple H are the only two. Hell, even Shane McMahon didn’t have a job for a while. Though he walked away, but that’s business.

Check out his full comments below. (Special thanks to Himanshu D for the transcription)

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