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The Miz Says He Can Fit In Any Spot WWE Offers Him, When He Plans To Retire


WWE superstar and former grand-slam champion The Miz recently spoke with Detroit News to hype his showdown with Cody Rhodes on tomorrow’s Raw, as well as discuss a wide range of topics, including his current spot in the company and when he plans to retire. Highlights from the interview are below.

Says he can fit in any spot that WWE offers him:

I would say my role in the company now is as a person who can develop newcomers but also be in the main event, or help the main event out, or be on the mid-card. I can be anywhere. I’m the person that they’re like, ‘hey, we’ve got this,’ and if they give it to me, they know it’s going to be gold.

When he plans to retire:

Not yet! I’m hoping I’m able to perform at the top of my level, stay injury-free, have fun and maybe have a couple more shows out on television. I’m going to push whichever celebrity is out there to be their absolute best, and it only works if they have the heart, the dedication, the will and the athletic ability do it.

On Maryse coming back:

I couldn’t figure out how to get back to where I was, I was just trying to keep my head above water, and I couldn’t. Maryse came back, and everything that I was saying kind of looked true, because this beautiful, smart woman isn’t going to be with some loser.

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