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Tetsuya Naito Says He Hasn’t Watched Any Forbidden Door Footage Because He Was Not Invited To Compete


NJPW superstar and former multi-time IWGP heavyweight champion Tetsuya Naito recently took to his blog and gave his thoughts on last Sunday’s Forbidden Door pay-per-view, an event that saw top stars from AEW and NJPW compete against one another.

Naito, a fan-favorite of both NJPW and American fans, did not appear on the show. According to the LIJ leader he was not invited to participate, and because of that, has yet to watch any footage from the show.

Unfortunately I was not invited to the “AEW x NJPW” show that is being talked about all over the place.

Not invited = not needed


Because of that frustration, I haven’t watched any footage of this show. I’m genuinely upset about it…

It is not known if Naito was actually available for the event so this could just be him playing up a future angle for Forbidden Door II. Regardless his full blog can be found here (membership required).

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