Tenille Dashwood Recalls Picking Her Emma Name In WWE: “I Just Found A Way To Make It Work”


IMPACT star Tenille Dashwood was the latest guest on Taylor Wilde’s Wilde On podcast to discuss a variety of topics, most notably how she ended up choosing the moniker of “Emma” during her run with WWE. Hear her full thoughts on the subject below.

On the process of getting a name in WWE:

As you know, back then…well now they [WWE] let people use their real names a lot but especially back then because of whatever copyright and all those things, so you couldn’t use your real name. So, when I first started, they said ‘give me a list of names’ and I remember I gave a list of like 20 names or something and they were like two-part names too, like I had a last name but they just went ahead and went ‘out of all of these, we’ll just take this name but without that…so, just Emma,’ and I was like oh, okay.

On choosing Emma:

Well, they came back with two options, it was like Emma or like Adeline was the other one and I thought, Adeline? What is that? I guess it’s a nice name but it’s not like catchy, it’s not easy to say, Adeline is easy to forget and Emma is simple, everyone will be able to say it, I’ll be able to make puns, which I did plenty of and yeah, ya know, Emma-lution and I used that to the maximum, so I just found a way to make it work.

(H/T and transcribed by WrestleZone)

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