Scottie Scheffler on childhood moments and who was his idol


A new OWGR (Official World Golf Rankings) leaderboard has been created with Scottie Scheffler taking over the top spot once again. As a result of the T2 finish, Scheffler is once again the leader of the race and he hopes to maintain the same pace in the future. At the end of the PGA Championship, Scottie reflected on the times he spent on these golf courses as a boy and how these courses remained part of his childhood.

“I remember showing up here with my dad and just coming out and watching… So come out here on practice round days and watch guys,” – he said, as quoted by golfweek. 

“I typically liked the practice round days more just because you could get closer to guys and I liked just watching.”

Scottie Scheffler: I looked up to Jordan Spieth

There was one golfer he looked up to the most, Jordan Spieth, and he dreamed of becoming just like him one day. Over the course of his career, he received many interesting pieces of advice from Spieth. Spieth is a man with a career that many would like, so he had someone to hear important things from.

“Jordan (Spieth), he was another guy I looked up to growing up,” he said. “He was always a few years ahead of me and crushing it from a young age. So he was always a guy I looked up to and was able to bounce things off of when I was thinking about turning pro… He’s always been a guy that’s given me great advice.”

As the season progresses, Scottie hopes to continue to show strong performances in the future. His goal is to stay in first place, but it is also important that he tries to win trophies. It will be an interesting season for Scheffler, and there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that he is capable of great things in the upcoming season.

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