Rhea Ripley Gives Her Opinion On The Wednesday Night Wars


Rhea Ripley shared her thoughts on the Wednesday Night Wars between AEW Dynamite and WWE NXT while doing an interview with Alex McCarthy of talkSport

The war is over as NXT has moved to Tuesday nights while Dynamite remains on Wednesdays. It lasted a year and a half. 

“I think the internet definitely blew it up a lot more than we thought,” Ripley said. “We didn’t really think about it, at least I didn’t really think about it too much when we were on NXT. I just went there, did my job. I totally forgot there was a ‘war’ going on. I just wanted to do the best that I could do and I think everyone was in the same boat as that.

“I think everyone in NXT just loves what they do so much and we just wanted to do the best that we could. And if that meant we were in a ‘war’ with someone, I guess we’re going to fight. But I think the internet blew that up a lot more than it was.”

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