Patrick Mouratoglou reveals the incredible secret of Novak Djokovic


In a video posted on Instagram, Patrick Mouratoglou revealed the secret that allowed Novak Djokovic to reach the top.

The French coach explained: “When Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal were dominating the men’s tour far and wide, almost every Top 10 didn’t think it was possible to win a Grand Slam with those two around. Then a 19-year-old boy had the courage to say that he would beat them.

That boy was called Novak Djokovic. The world of tennis thought he was arrogant because of those statements. It was not arrogance or cockiness, but self-confidence. He managed to do it not because said it beforehand, but because he really believed it.”

In the press conference after the match against Dimitrov, Nole talked about his injury: “In this and other matches I felt quite good at the beginning, then the situation worsened. There are circumstances that you can only accept. I am grateful to have could play.”

Djokovic at the Australian Open 2023

Djokovic managed to break the hegemony of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, establishing himself as one of the greatest ever. The former world number 1 is still in great shape at 35 and is looking to break other records.

The Serbian champion is trying to win his tenth title at the Australian Open, which would allow him to match Nadal at 22 Grand Slams. The 35-year-old from Belgrade closed the gap by triumphing at Wimbledon last year, after the Spaniard had won at the Australian Open and Roland Garros.

With Rafa out of contention in Melbourne, Nole has a great opportunity to even the score. Djokovic is not at 100% due to a problem with his left hamstring, which hasn’t prevented him from reaching the round of 16 anyway.

The Serb defeated Grigor Dimitrov in three hard fought sets and then beat Alex de Minaur, reaching the quarterfinals in Melbourne. At this point, the Serb is, of course, the favorite for the final victory in Melbourne, with the 10th title eve more close.

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