Novak Djokovic sends special message to Rafael Nadal following Spaniard’s surgery


Novak Djokovic says he is sincerely hoping that Rafael Nadal can make a successful recovery and return to the court healthy in 2024.

Nadal, who turned 37 on Friday, suffered an injury to his psoas muscle in January.

After suffering several setbacks in his recovery and ultimately skipping the French Open, Nadal decided to have surgery on his psoas muscle.

Prior to the surgery, Nadal revealed his plans to retire in 2024.

“I know how hard it is to come back after a surgery. I really hope that we can see him next season. He’s so important for the game,” Djokovic said of Nadal, per Tennis Majors.

Djokovic rooting to see Nadal on the court in 2024

Nadal’s recovery from a psoas muscle injury definitely didn’t go as planned. 

In the end, Nadal seemingly realized that surgically repairing the issue was the best thing to do. 

On Saturday, Nadal shared an update to his fans. 

In his message, Nadal revealed that the estimated recovery from the surgery is five months.

“Hello everyone. As you know last night I had surgery. Everything went well and the arthroscopy was on the left psoas tendon that has kept me out of competition since January. An old injury to the labrum of my left hip was also regularized, which will surely help the better evolution of the tendon. I want to thank doctors Marc Philippon, Jaume Vilaró and Angel Ruiz-Cotorro for their work. I will start progressive functional rehabilitation immediately and the normal recovery process they tell me is 5 months, if all goes well. Once again thank you for all the support you have shown me and that you show me every day. Today also on my birthday. Not in the desired or dreamed place, although THANK YOU anyway,” Nadal announced on Saturday.

It remains to be seen if we will see a Djokovic and Nadal match in 2024.

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