Nikkita Lyons reveals she’s out with a legitimate injury


WWE’s YouTube

NXT ran an injury angle for Nikkita Lyons last night (Jan. 24). The hope was it storyline, especially considering that Lyons was out for about a month last year with partial tear of her medial collateral ligament (MCL).

Unfortunately, the 23 year old tweeted this afternoon that she’s again dealing with a knee injury.

She doesn’t say whether or not her ACL tear requires surgery, but they typically do. And if that’s the case, she’s probably looking at 6-9 month of recovery and rehabilitation.

It’s a tough setback for a wrestler who seemed on the cusp of a main event push during the 2.0 era of NXT. Since the latest rebrand following last summer’s changes atop WWE creative, Lyons has been used less prominently. Her highest profile angle was a split with tag partner Zoey Stark, and a brief follow-up feud that Stark won.

We’ll see what’s next for her when she gets back,

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