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NFL scouts polled on best players at each positions


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The age old saying goes “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” As draft season gets underway, this expression will become more and more relevant and can already been seen taking over the GangGreenNation message boards as people debate the quality of various prospects.

However, sometimes, a beauty is so great that basically everyone can see it; in one ‘example,’ according to Greek legends, Helen of Troy was a great enough beauty that a whole war was sieged because of her desirability. While NFL teams may go a ‘war room’ to draft, they are unlikely to go to literal war over who gets to draft whom. Regardless, sometimes a consensus emerges on who the top prospects are and when they emerge they should be noted.

To this point, former New York Jets beat reporter and now Yahoo Sports writer, Charles McDonald (@FourVerts on Twitter) recently reported the results of an informal poll of 7 scouts about who the top prospects were at various positions. (Note: players are only noted in this tweet if they received at least 2 votes).

Based on this poll, we can see some consensus (or approximate consensus) emerging. Specifically, tight end Michael Mayer, running back Bijan Robinson, defensive tackle Jalen Carter, safety Brian Branch, and linebacker Drew Sanders seem to be “the guy” at their respective spots. We also see far less consensus at quarterback, cornerback, and wide receiver.

For the Jets, some of these players may be unavailable by the time the 13th pick rolls around. However, we might reasonably expect Branch, Mayer, or Robinson to be available, which could net the Jets a premier player at a given position.

But what do you think? Which players received too much or not enough praise within this poll?

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