MLW names Cesar Duran ‘Booker of the Year’ over Tony Khan, Vince McMahon


MLW names Cesar Duran ‘Booker of the Year’ over Tony Khan, Vince McMahon
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Your homeboy did it! Cesar Duran (alias Dario Cueto) of MLW won the totally official Booker of the Year award over the likes of Tony Khan and Vince McMahon.

Okay, I’m not sure if Khan and McMahon were eligible for the honor handed out by Hugo Savinovich on MLW programming, but don’t let facts get in the way of a good story.

The announcement took place on the latest edition of MLW Fusion (episode 162 available on Pro Wrestling TV). Whether or not you give legitimacy to this award, there is no denying that Duran’s trash-talk is sizzling. Duran didn’t call out the competition by name, but the inferences are there to interpret as you see fit.

After Hugo’s heartwarming presentation, Duran delivered his acceptance speech with a little help from the MLW world women’s featherweight champion:

Cesar Duran: Well, I’m Cesar Duran. I’m not the Booker of the Year. I’m the booker of the decade. I’m the booker of the century. I’m the booker of the history of this sport. I’m the best there is, period. There won’t be anybody better than me, and there hasn’t been anybody better than me.

And, I did it all on my own. I didn’t need a bunch of bots or a trust fund or a daddy to take care of my business. And then I didn’t need my daddy to die for me to become what I am. I became what I am because I have brains and because I love violence. And I have an instinct to know where the best luchadores in the world are.

You know what? I’m not a pencil. Fuck this thing. (Throws pencil award.) I’m not a booker. I’m a promoter. And to show you who I am, who I really am, I’m going to show you my first signature. A champion. Una campeona, because I’m only going to sign champions. Here is Taya. Come over here.

Taya Valkyrie: I mean we have years and years of history in Boyle Heights, and I know how much you love violence. La Wera Loca and violence, they go perfectly together. I’m a fighting champion, and I knew that I had to be with the best.

Duran: Renegades, the best is still to come. (Flashes big grin, chomps, and snorts at camera.)

Duran is back to making power plays in Major League Wrestling. He took over as official matchmaker until being fired for mysterious circumstances of backstage violence. Duran returned to announce his plans for a separate promotion. He’s bringing back Azteca Lucha.

Duran didn’t waste any time making moves. In addition to securing the services of Taya, Duran approached new MLW world middleweight champion Lince Dorado in the aftermath of victory.

Duran also teased signing another top luchador to be revealed on the next episode of Fusion, airing Thursday at 8 pm ET for free on Pro Wrestling TV.

MLW is heating up.

Who would you like to see Cesar Duran bring into MLW?

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