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MJF On What Wrestlers Can Learn From Old School Wrestling


During his interview with Paste Magazine, MJF spoke on his love for old school wrestling and what current wrestlers can learn from it. Here’s what he had to say:

Well, not just the Horsemen, but old school wrestling as a whole. I feel the reason why I stand out so much in my generation, why FTR stands out, Spears, Wardlow, is because we’re not doing the same thing stylistically everybody is doing in this modern era. Everybody else is basically trying to kill themselves for fan acceptance. Guys like us, guys like the Horsemen, guys of that bygone era, all they cared about was getting the winner’s purse. They didn’t care about being flashy. All they cared about was proving they were the best, the cream of the crop and that’s something the Pinnacle does every single time we go out there. We’re not doing it by trying to cater to you with flips, or phony baloney hardcore crap. We’re just really good professional wrestlers.

You can check out the interview HERE.

Credit: Paste Magazine.


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