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MJF Has Praise for Jon Moxley, If He Feels Cheated Over His Feud with CM Punk, What He Brings to AEW


MJF recently spoke with Joseph Staszewski of The New York Post to promote tonight’s AEW Full Gear main event against AEW World Champion Jon Moxley. He said he’s the megastar the business has needed.

“Professional wrestling hasn’t had a megastar in far too long and that’s who I am,” MJF said.

MJF, who is in character just about 24/7, said he wants to take things even further than that once he finally holds AEW gold.

“That world champion means you’re the best professional wrestler in the world and it means every single time I say, ‘I’m better than you and you know it,’ hasn’t been a lie,” he said. “To me, it’s always been a fact,” he said.

MJF commented on what he brings to the sport.

“I fucking shit out gold bricks, I don’t even mean to,” he said. “I think what I bring is not just an absurd amount of awareness in platforms that we have not touched yet, what I also bring is stability. Let’s face it, this world title, it’s crowned the greatest pro wrestlers in the world and the sport today, but it’s also been jumbled a little bit recently. I feel now more than ever what AEW wrestling fans crave is stability. I am that. I’ve been that since Day 1. When my music hits, the reason the place goes absolutely insane is because they’re fully aware they’re about to get the perfect segment because that’s what I do every time I walk through that curtain whether you love me or hate me. I deliver.”

MJF previously feuded with CM Punk, who is likely done with the company following the incident at AEW All Out. MJF said he does not feel chated out of not getting to tell the next chapter of his story with Punk because he doesn’t “need any specific dancing partner. He praised Moxley for being a “flag bearer” for AEW, and said he and Moxley are the two biggest stars AEW has right now.

“This was a guy who during the height of the pandemic was defending his title, bleeding, sweating profusely in barbaric episodic week-to-week matches in front of no one, to a roar of nothing,” MJF said of Moxley. “And he was still able to have people talking about the three letters that are AEW. That’s a guy who deeply cares about the fan base. That’s a guy who deeply cares about professional wrestling. So, in that aspect, I’m over the moon that I’m wrestling this guy.”



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