Mercato Mercato – OM: Longoria releases a resounding response to the Gerson clan for his transfer


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In recent days, the entourage of Gerson would have met Pablo Longoria, the president of OM. The Brazilian midfielder would still like to leave Marseille during the next winter transfer window and would have demanded an effort from his leader. But while Flamengo are reportedly still monitoring their situation, the negotiations have reportedly not advanced an inch.

Big disappointment for Gerson. As he hoped to leave theOM due to his low playing time, the Brazilian player saw his hopes dashed due to Pablo Longoria. As announced by, the president of theOM refused an offer of €12 million from Flamengo.

Gerson’s father met Longoria

According to our exclusive information, theOM claims a sum of up to 20 million euros. A large sum for Flamengo, who would have backed down in this case. Barring an incredible turnaround, the player should stay in Marseille. But the father of Gerson ndid not say his last word. Marcao would have recently met Pablo Longoria to convince him to lower his demands.

Longoria sticks to its guns

According to the Brazilian journalist Mauro Cezara new meeting would have taken place between the two parties in recent days, but it would not have advanced the negotiations. Pablo Longoria would camp on its positions. In other words, the transfer of Gerson to Flamengo still remains blocked.

Mercato Mercato – OM: Longoria releases a resounding response to the Gerson clan for his transfer 24hfootnews.

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