Le Graët scandal: Zidane’s unexpected reaction?


William of Saint Sauveur

Set back by the comex of the FFF following his offensive speech on Zinedine Zidane, Noël Le Graët has caused a lot of ink to flow in recent days. A media outing that caused a scandal, and yet behind the scenes, it seems that Zinedine Zidane and some France 98 teammates had more fun than anything else.

Since the media release of Noel Le Graet about Zinedine Zidaneanother fundamental question has been raised by this controversy: that of a supposed sporting rivalry between Didier Deschamps and former coach of real Madridwho dreamed of taking over the reins of theFrench team this winter. Some assert forcefully that the relationship between Zidane and The fields have grown in recent years…

” We usually “

Asked about this on RMC Sport, Robert Pireswho knows well Zidane and The fields since he is also from the victorious generation of France 98, responded to these rumours: ” I do not know who launched this word rivalry between Didier and Zizou. But then we are used to the press. In 98, everyone said that we would not be world champions, on arrival we know the story “, entrusts Pires.

“I can tell you that we had a good laugh”

Moreover, the former player of theOM suggests that Zidane took the media release of Noel Le Graet against him with a certain detachment: As Christophe Dugarry said, there is a WhatsApp group that was created with the players, I can tell you that we had a good laugh seeing certain statements. I can assure you that we stay united “. It remains to be seen whether he is referring to the words of the former president of the FFF or to others …

Le Graët scandal: Zidane’s unexpected reaction? 24hfootnews.

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